client engagement

Panoptic Wealth Advocates Client Engagement Process

During initial meetings, clients are often pleasantly surprised by our dedication to helping them achieve their personal wealth vision. Panoptic Wealth Advocates is focused on understanding the underlying objectives of each person's wealth plan, providing a unique experience for our clients. Designing solutions with a specific goal in mind ensures that from the moment we begin planning, we are tying everything back to the objectives of the individual. Click through the steps in our process to learn more.

  • Confidential Profile Returned

    Prior to our first meeting, we send out a Confidential Profile to gather preliminary data. This information helps us to focus on the things that are of the most importance to you from the very beginning.

  • Get Acquainted Meeting

    During this meeting, we sit down together to discuss and identify your goals, objectives, and definition of True Wealth for the first time.

  • Engagement Proposal

    At our second meeting, we present a proposal of the services we can provide for you, the value we see that we can bring, and our proposed fee for the work we will be doing. This meeting can lead to a planning agreement by which you retain our services to build and implement a wealth plan. In other cases, the planning agreement is not needed and we propose a solution for a specific issue you are facing.

  • Preliminary Case Design

    Once we have agreed to the terms by which we will be working together, we initiate the preliminary case design meeting. At this point, we present and review our specific recommendations for your planning, while taking into account your feedback to assure alignment with your goals.

  • Plan Delivery

    At the plan delivery meeting, we review the entire plan and set the implementation schedule for the coming year. This may also involve us coordinating with your other advisors, such as your CPA and attorney.

  • Implementation

    Often there will be paperwork that needs to be signed to engage the plan, whether it entails new investment or insurance strategies.

  • Review and Renewal

    Throughout the year, we work diligently to complete the implementation checklist; generally we review all of the completed work at the one year mark. This review allows us to identify any work that still needs completion. At this point, we mutually decide if all of the initial planning has been completed, or if the plan should be reopened due to changes in your situation. If everything is completed, we move forward with periodic reviews so that the plan stays current. If we find that there are new issues that impact the planning, we address them by going back to step three in our process and putting together an Engagement Proposal for the needed work.