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      Date: May 25, 2016
     Title: The Value of an Introduction

The Value of an Introduction. This particular topic has been on my mind for some time now. To explain why, I need to take you through a little personal history.

In 1993, when I was a newbie to this profession, I heard a futurist talk about how things would be 10, 20, 30 years into the future. Believing he was not the owner of a DeLorean equipped with a flux capacitor, I, armed with my twentysomething hubris, dismissed much of what he said.

Two things he said, however, managed to get through and stick with me. The first was his prediction that by the year 2000, the Dow Jones industrial average would reach 12,000. To put this in perspective, during much of 1993 and the years prior, the Dow had been trading only in the 3,000s. His prediction of two doubles in seven years – meaning the market would have to grow at a rate of at least 20 percent a year, year over year, every year – seemed outlandish. Fast-forward to 2000: Though it did not reach 12,000, the Dow Jones did reach a bit higher than 11,700 in January of that year. Chalk one up for the futurist.

The second prediction that he made was that the most valued service our industry would offer in the future would be that of, as he termed it, “knowledge broker.” In those days, though the internet had been around for some time, the web was just being established and becoming simpler for the public to access. His premise was that so much information would eventually be accessible that people would have difficulty discerning what was of value to them and what wasn’t. He offered that our industry would be uniquely positioned to positively impact the lives of our clients if we could effectively serve as their proxy, their filter, their arbiter of knowledge.

Carry that thought forward to today: We see how the pace of people’s lives seems to be continually increasing, and the sheer amount of information to be overwhelming and growing exponentially. On countless occasions, we have heard our clients express their gratitude that we are handling things for them. Be it helping them to understand the best strategies and structures for achieving their goals, managing their tax exposure, or developing and implementing new plans for growing and protecting their enterprises, we have indeed taken on the role of knowledge broker, empowering our clients to make informed decisions about their wealth. One more for the futurist.

So, what does all of that have to do with the value of an introduction? As we have worked with clients over the years and their trust in our being an informed resource has grown, they have come to us for an ever-increasing number of connections. We have been that first call when someone needed a referral for a juvenile counselor, a caregiver for an aging father, a qualified realtor for a hard-to-sell property, an informed and networked business broker, and the list goes on. These introductions have saved them the time and energy, often under challenging circumstances, that they would have otherwise had to expend to find qualified people.

Seeing the value in this for our clients, we have been compiling a list of quality providers – not only those who are the best at what they do, but good people who are a pleasure to work with. We have developed over a hundred categories and have identified many providers, but this is where we could use your help.

Have you had any exceptional experiences with quality professional service providers over the past year or two? If so, we would like to hear about them: Who are they? What problems did they help you to solve? What about them made the experiences exceptional?

If you would, email us their contact information and a brief narrative about your experiences with them. From there, we will reach out to them, informing them of how we came by their names and recommendations, and ask their permission to be included on our list.

As we continue to grow and maintain this list, if you find yourself in need of an introduction for a service, please reach out to us. We would be pleased to connect you with a qualified person that can meet your needs, so that you, too, will experience the value of an introduction.

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